Atrium Opens October 14th!

UPDATE - due to some delays with just getting a space up and running quickly, we are moving our official opening date to Monday October 17th. The 14th was just too aggressive in the schedule. We're just so darn excited we want to get it open ASAP.

It's with great pride (and a deep breath) we can finally announce that Atrium will officially open on October 14th!

Anyone wanting to sign up for membership, or who filled out the pre-reservation form can come in and sign up starting that day. We will be giving preference to pre-signups first for Professional and Premium memberships, in the order they are received. If you are interested in a membership and have not signed up - do so here.

In addition, we will be having a public Open House Party at 6pm on October 20th! So if you want to come check out the space, that'd be a good time to do so, and hang out to chat and network with folks.

More to come!

Dave Sanders

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
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