Atrium Rooms & Events

Atrium has three different types of spaces for meetings, training, or individual use.


The Large Room

The large room at the front of Atrium looks out over Berry Street and is filled with windows. This room is multi-purpose and can be rearranged for different needs. It holds up to 25 students in a training room format, or can be arranged in a conference style for large groups. It will have A/V via the use of a flat screen television, and come equipped with a large white board.

This room would be ideal for offsite corporate retreats, training sessions, presentations, or workshops. The room also has room for coffee and catering if needed.

The Large Room rents at $20/hour, including setup and tear down time if-needed. Additional services such as catering, staffing, or unusual setup will be priced separately.

We will be announcing half-day and full-day packages, including catering, for this room very soon.

Small Conference Rooms

Atrium has two small conference rooms, useful for small client meetings, team meetings, and similar needs. These rooms will hold 4 to 6 people and be outfitted with a table, chairs, and whiteboard. (Audio/Video will be coming to these rooms at a later date.)

The Small Conference Rooms can be booked by non-members at a rate of $5/hour.

"Phone Booths"

Phone Booths are small 1-2 person spaces available for members only, useful for conference calls or video meetings where semi-privacy is needed. This also reduces the disturbance to other members while you are on the phone.

Rent all of Atrium

If you have a larger event, after business hours, and want an interesting place to host it downtown, please contact us. Renting the public spaces of Atrium is available, but will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


We will be posting additional information, catering options and packages, and more after Atrium officially opens. In the meantime, if you would like to request room time, or plan an event with us, please send us an email and we'll see what we can do!