Atrium Update

It’s time! A long awaited Atrium update!

When we first announced Atrium back in January we thought our schedule was aggressive, yet attainable. Turns out we were half-right. Procuring, designing, and building out a space takes a lot more time than imagined, and a lot of steps have to be done in the correct order. So, on this first day of summer, we’ve obviously slipped past our initial “Spring 2016” goal.

But rest assured that time was well spent. In the intervening months, we have worked hard with Hoch & Associates to nail down our lease, get our designs and plans all drawn up, and everything out to bid to several construction firms in the area. We expect to hear back on those bids very soon, and with those bids, we will hear our next round of completion estimates.

This may change in the next few days, but right now we are estimating sometime in August for our official grand opening and launch. The demolition should be fairly quick, and we’ve made specific design and architecture choices to enhance efficient build times without sacrificing quality.

We’d like to thank you for your patience as we cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. It takes a lot of work to bring something like this to life, and we’re working very hard to get Atrium open as fast as we can.

In the meantime, if you need drop-in co-working space while you wait for Atrium, CoWork Fort Wayne is open for you to use FREE during normal business hours when we are open. Because we don’t have staff there to keep things open when a Core Member isn’t there with the keys, sometimes open hours might be spotty. But if you have specific needs, please email me at and we can discuss. CoWork Fort Wayne also has paid memberships for 24/7 access and a set of keys for those who need flexibility. CoWork is located in the Murphy Building at 809 S. Calhoun Street, Suite 500 – right around the corner from Atrium!

As we enter this next exciting phase, keep an eye on this blog, our mailing lists, and social media as we post more announcements, photos of construction, and timetables of this and other Start Fort Wayne projects.

If you are at all interested in an Atrium membership, please go here and sign up. This will get you more updates and will put you in line for membership the moment we open.

More soon,
Dave Sanders
President, Start Fort Wayne

Dave Sanders

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
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