5 x 5 x 5

What is this?

5x5x5 means: 5 Pitches, 5 Minutes to Present, 5 Minutes Q&A. This event is part of Tech Tour 2016 and will take place at Atrium at 6pm on October 24th.

What's the point?

Mainly, this is just a fun exercise to show off your product or project. You will get the feedback from a well known tech investor and panel of entrepreneur coaches and experts, and if time allows, the general audience. It's good experience to be able to articulate your vision quickly, and you will very likely learn something about your product from the audience that you hadn't thought about.

Is this a competition?

Not really. There will be no awarding of cash and prizes. This is simply a fun entrepreneurial exercise, but we will have the panel score the pitches on three categories.

Does this have to be an active business?

No! Unimplemented / untested ideas are welcome. We won't be asking about profitability or customer numbers during this event. However, you should do your homework and know your market.

What if my idea or product is secret?

Then please, don't apply to speak. This will be a public event at Atrium, and you very well could be recorded, tweeted about, or otherwise talked about. If you wouldn't say it in "public" on Facebook, don't say it here.

Can I have a slide deck?

Yes, but only if you get it to us by October 21st, 2016. If you are selected to pitch, you will be given instructions on who to send the deck to.

What happens if I run long?

You won't. We will be keeping time and will cut you off at precisely 5 minutes. Practice, practice, practice!

How do I apply?

You can't! APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED! Just show up to cheer on the competitors.