Pre-Atrium Coffee Talk

A big part of creating a successful coworking community is... community! And the best way I've found to build a community is to sit down and talk with people.

This week, I've started having coffee with those who have pre-reserved a Professional or Premium membership at Atrium. I've already learned quite a bit about how different members are going to use the space, what they are looking for, and how they are already planning on contributing.

That's because coworking isn't just an "office space to rent." While some members will definitely want to just have a quiet place to work, many members want to meet others and see how they can help each other. Besides just finding possible business opportunities, we can bring knowledge, resources, and networks that our coworkers might never have had access to.

There are still time slots available to sit down and have coffee with me before we open, and I'll continue doing coffee and lunches after we launch. If you are going to be an Atrium member and want to sit down, no matter your membership level, go here and pick an open time slot.

Nothing goes better together than entrepreneurship and coffee. Or a nice hot tea. Let's talk.

Dave Sanders

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
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