Announcing Tech Tour 2016

Start Fort Wayne is thrilled to announce a new event coming October 24th-28th!

With the help of several sponsors, and with the help and resources of Myers Development, we are bringing Paul Singh's "Results Junkies Tech Tour" to the Fort Wayne area!

Paul, a well known tech startup investor, decided to buy an Airstream and a pickup truck, and is touring the country to reach out to communities that might not normally see investment.

“The real goal of the Tech Tour is to bring functional expertise and venture capital dollars to parts of North America that don’t regularly get the same amount of attention as the well-known tech hubs,” Singh said.

Singh is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and Airstreamer. Previously, Singh was a managing director at 1776 and a general partner in 1776’s Seed Fund. Prior to 1776, Singh was the founder of Disruption Corporation (acquired by 1776) and general partner of Disruption’s post-seed venture capital arm, Crystal Tech Fund. Before that, Singh was a partner at 500 Startups, an accelerator and venture rm headquartered in Silicon Valley that has invested in more than 1,500 companies across 50-plus countries. Singh has founded a few of his own startups (two successful exits and a number of failures in between) and spent some time at AOL, Carmax, PBworks, and Symantec.

With stops in more than 15 cities booked for 2016, the team at Start Fort Wayne is hosting Singh during the week of October 24th. The conference will offer support and guidance and will get deeply involved in the local business community through a week-long series of events and programs. The tour will include free and open to the public office hours, tours of incubators with local innovators, investor dinners, workshops, and pitch sessions.

“This tour isn’t just for companies that want to raise VC money or tech startups trying to be the next ‘Uber for this or Uber for that,’ Singh said. “We want brick-and-mortar businesses, too, and those who are working on their own entrepreneurial dream. It’s important to realize that technology is so interwoven into business such that every startup or entrepreneur needs to understand how to make it work for them.”

The Tech Tour 2016 programming schedule is being developed now, but you can see the highlights, and apply for office hours right here.

Dave Sanders

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
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