Crafting spaces where our makers, builders, and visionaries can innovate, flourish, and chart their own path.

Start Fort Wayne Memberships

Step into Start Fort Wayne’s community with a membership that's more than just a space—it's a place where founders and creators grow together. Discover a membership that nurtures your entrepreneurial growth and connects you with a network of support.

• Dynamic Collaboration: Forge impactful connections and collaborations within a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

• Mentorship and Learning: Access an exclusive online community for mentorship opportunities and continuous skill growth.

• Cultural Integration: Immerse in a founder culture that nurtures innovative ideas and strategic business growth. If you are a builder, hacker, or renegade, this the community for you.

• Resource Access: Benefit from shared knowledge and tools critical for navigating the path to success.

Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Elevate your work experience with Start Fort Wayne's co-working spaces, meticulously designed for innovative and entrepreneurial growth:

• Versatile Spaces: Book day passes or private rooms to suit your needs, whether for focused work or collaborative sessions.

• Tailored Memberships: Choose a co-working membership level that aligns with your unique entrepreneurial stage and goals.

Hub of Innovation: Surround yourself with creative minds in a space that sparks inspiration.

Flexible Work Environment: Enjoy the freedom to work when and how you prefer, maintaining work-life balance.

Essential Tools: Utilize on-site business tools like printers, scanners, and meeting rooms for hassle-free work.

Networking Opportunities: Capitalize on the co-working space as a launchpad for spontaneous networking and community building.


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